Wärtsilä Bearings

Wärtsilä water lubricated composite bearings

Envirosafe bearings are composite bearings, offering an environmentally friendly solution, specifically designed for stern tube applications.

Our range of water lubricated bearings offers excellent performance when compared to competing products and covers both commercial and military applications. A variety of different supply options is available to suit specific applications including non-split bearings, split shells, or fully split housing that allows in-situ replacement and repair.

Wärtsilä also offers a Bearing wear down gauge system, which remotely indicates the wear of the stern tube or bracket bearing, by measuring the drop of the propeller shaft. This allows to receive information on the wear status of the sterntube bearings without diver assisted underwater wear down measurements. Based on the previously analysed data, the wear of the bearings can be predicted.

Wartsila WCS01 Water Lubricated Bearing Material Available in sizes 70mm to 1100mm

Available for both Stern Tubes and Rudder Bearings machined to suit your shaft and housing size.

Wartsila Bearings | Kemp Propulsion Systems
Wartsila Bearings - WCS01 Water Lubricated

Wärtsilä Oil Lubricated Sterntube Bearings

Wärtsilä Sternsafe Bearings come in both white metal and composite material.

Our range of Sternsafe oil lubricated bearings are developed specifically for stern tube applications and offer excellent performance covering both standard and high load requirements. They are available both as white metal and composite bearings. To suit your specific needs and applications we offer different supply options.

Wärtsilä Sternsafe bearings are made from cast iron or ductile cast iron housings that are babitted with tin or lead based on white metal. All bearings are based on a standardized design with the option of a variety of temperature sensors.

  • Wärtsilä Sternsafe white metal bearings
  • Wärtsilä Sternsafe composite bearings

Wärtsilä Sternsafe white metal bearings are made from cast iron or ductile cast iron housings which are babbitted with tin or lead based white metal. All bearings are based on a standardised design with the option of a variety of temperature sensors.

Wartsila Bearings - Oil Lubricated Sterntube
Wartsila Bearings - Composite Bearing
Shaft sizes ø50 to ø1172 mm
Effective length According to class (or to suit application)
Operating temperature 35° to 60° C
Optional extras Tin based or lead based

Wärtsilä Linesafe

Intermediate Shaftline Bearing

Our engineers listened to customers and developed a solution that meets market demands – the Wärtsilä Linesafe bearing. Flexibility is allowed within the standard configuration, with one bearing design suitable for multiple different configurations, such as forced lubrication or self-lubrication.

This means that Wärtsilä can meet the demands of any customer, with improved response times and a first-rate product tailored to their needs. As it is fitted with the PT-100 device, the Wärtsilä Linesafe bearing comes digital-ready as standard. This allows for modern condition monitoring systems to be easily integrated.

The Wärtsilä Linesafe bearing offers a lean and cost-efficient design that is flexible to specific customer needs. The customer is always in control of the final product.

  • Easier installation and alignment.
  • Higher radial load capacity.
  • Self-aligning design.
  • Global spares and service availability.
  • Flexibility within the standard configuration.
  • Full access to online service portal.
Wartsila Bearings - Intermediate Shaftline Bearing
Wartsila Bearings - Immediate Shaftline Bearing

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