Specialists in the manufacture and supply of specialised marine propulsion equipment.

Kemp Propulsion Systems

Kemp Propulsion Systems (KPS) is business unit within the Kemp Group which has been operating in Adelaide for more than 25 years in South Australia and now also Nelson in New Zealand.

KPS offers strategic synergies within the business units, specialising in the manufacture and supply of specialised marine propulsion equipment.

With experienced staff with over 35 years in the Marine Industry, we deliver first class customer service, with a wide range of products available to meet your needs. 

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Featured Products

Stern Tube Seals | Kemp Propulsion Systems

Stern Tube Seals

Wärtsilä water lubricated seals prevent expensive emergency dockings and downtime, avoiding leakages and the associated costs. Our water lubricated seals are fully compliant with environmental legislations, including the Vessel General Permit (VGP) so you can sail with confidence. 

Arctic Steel Strainers | Kemp Propulsion Systems

Yuchai Marine Engines

Yuchai Marine Engines offers a comprehensive range of marine diesel engines that are designed to meet the strict requirements of marine applications. Their engines feature advanced technologies such as electronic fuel injection, turbocharging, and intercooling to provide reliable, high-performance power solutions.

PSE Enviroguard Seals | Kemp Propulsion Systems

PSE Enviroguard

The Wärtsilä Enviroguard and Iceguard ranges have long been the standard for military and commercial applications, and for sensitive, harsh environments. The range offers environmentally friendly, low maintenance, high performance face type seals, which have an extensive fitted history spanning many years and vessel types.

Arctic Steel Strainers | Kemp Propulsion Systems

AAA Propulsion

AAA Propulsion provide innovative propulsion solutions, designed with an emphasis on the environment and sustainability. Reliable, efficient and low cost of ownership. KPS distribute many AAA products including the A-Pod, V-Pod, Z-Drive and Transverse Thrusters. Quality cannot be described in words but in deeds.

Arctic Steel Strainers | Kemp Propulsion Systems

Arctic Steel Strainers

Arctic Steel strainers, cast in superior 2205 stainless steel are highly corrosion resistant and compatible for all marine applications. Available in both BISO and SISO versions, these are suitable for commercial and military vessels operating under survey, super yachts and recreational motor and sailing yachts.

Working With Trusted Brands

Wartsila Distributor in Australia - KPS
KPS provide Tides Rudder Seals and Bearings
KPS supply ProfiSeal
KPS supply ProfiSeal
KPS supply ProfiSeal
Lagersmit Sealing Solutions
KPS stocks HyDrive products
Nakashima Propellers
KPS supply KEMEL productts
KPS supply ProfiSeal
Deep Sea Seals products supplied by KPS

World-class products that are suited to your needs.

Rudders & Steering Systems

Manebar Seals

Rudder Seals

Rudder Seals at Kemp Propulsion Systems

Manecraft Seals

Manecraft Seals

Marine Couplings

Marine Couplings at Kemp Propulsion Systems


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