Lip Seals

KPS can supply Marine Lip seals for your sealing arrangements in Vinton or NBR rubber.

A lip seal is a circular sealing element encompassing either a rotating or reciprocating shaft. The term lip seal is generally used to refer to what is correctly known as rotary shaft seals or oil seals or radial shaft seals. Oil seals are commonly used in sealing rotary elements such as hydraulic pumps and valve stems. Lip seals either exclude or include a medium, ensuring that leakage is avoided and product failure is prevented.

Brands such as Kamel, EVK, Simplex, Compact, SKF, Waukesha, Eagle, Kobelco, Dover Japan, Lips, Waukesha, JMT, IHC Largersmit and Supreme, Wartsila. All original spare parts.

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Lip Seal for sealing arrangement
Lip Seal

KPS are working with trusted brands:

Lagersmit Marine Lip Seals
SKF Marine Lip Seals
KEMEL Lip Seals

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