Arctic Steel Strainers, 2205

Arctic Steel leads the world in Cast Stainless Steel Water Strainers. A full range of associated fittings are available to connect your strainer to pipe work, engine, pump, generator, compressor and cooling systems. KPS are specialists in Arctic Steel products.

Extended Strainer Life

Cast in 2205 Duplex Stainless Steel. This means double the corrosion resistance of a 216 stainless strainer.

Weight Saving

The strength achieved by casting in 2205 allows finer sections than other metals, which means weight saving when compared to bronze strainers.

Removes Air from the cooling system

Caviation can cause air to enter the cooling system. The change in flow direction mixes air into small bubbles drawing them through the system, minimising the occurrence of air locks and engine overheating.

Better Filtration

Swiriling action ensures the entire surface area of the basket is used, which means less frequent cleaning.

Outstanding Performance

Offset inlet & outlet improves strainer flow dynamics.


Solid cast lid or clear lid for easy inspection. ABS plastic and stainless steel baskets. Flanges can be specified on all strainers (custom screen size can be specified for stainless baskets)

Ease of Use

Swing down bolts with wing nuts means no tools required – improving operational efficiency.

Similar Metal

A stainless steel strainer system reduces the mix of metals in a marine engine room, which is dominated by steel and stainless steel fittings. This helps reduce the liklihood of galvanic corrosion.

Largest Range

Direct mount – bottom inlet, side outlet (BISO)
Remote mount – side inlet, side outlet (SISO)
Available from 1″ to 6″

Arctic Steel Strainers - 3.0" Side In Side Out
Arctic Steel Strainers |4.0" Side In Side Out
Arctic Steel Strainers - BISO Strainers - Bottom Inlet, Side Outlet
Arctic Steel Strainers - SISO Strainers - Side Inlet, Side Outlet
Thru Hull Skin Fittings information

Thru Hull Skin Fittings

Designed for underwater applications, the Arctic Steel Thru Hull Skin Fittings are cast in Duplex 2205 stainless steel, making them the material of choice when coming into permanent contact with seawater.

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