Bulkhead Seals

Bulkhead Seals are important, as they function as a means of emergency sealing of a water tight bulkhead in the unfortunate event of either side flooding. KPS provide Bulkhead Seals from Wärtsilä. These seals are locally stocked for immediate supply all over Australia, New Zealand and the Pacific Islands.

Wärtsilä Floodguard Seals

The Wärtsilä Floodguard range has a long track record of performance in both military and commercial applications. Should the vessel experience a flooded compartment, the self-activating Floodguard seal ensures that vessel integrity is maintained.


  • Radial movement – From 3mm
  • Shaft size – Ø50 to Ø680 mm
  • Service Pressure 2.0 bar max pressure
  • Operating temperature -5 to 40C
  • Wearing parts – Composite 
  • Housing – Aluminium Bronze/Aluminium 
  • Light weight – Optional
  • Shock resistant – Optional
Bulkhead Seals - Wartsila Floodguard Range

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