Manebar Seals

Kemp Propulsion Systems provide quality Manebar Seals. Manebar E-series seals are designed for robust and reliable service in small to medium sized vessels such as trawlers, coasters, dredgers, tugs and offshore supply vessels. The seals can be supplied for either oil or water lubricated systems.

Wartsila Manebar E Series Seals

Oil Lubricated Seals


The Manebar EK seal is used outboard on oil lubricated systems.

The standard material combination is Manetex fibre face and Ni resist iron seat, however face/seat options of Manetex/Silicon Carbide and Carbon/Silicon Carbide are available for abrasive conditions.

    Manebar Seals - EK Seal


    The Manebar EJ seal is an inboard non-split seal type for oil lubricated systems. The Wärtsilä Manebar EJ seal is simple, robust and reliable.

    It is cost effective having lower through life cost than other sealing systems.

    Manebar Seals - EJ Seal - Inboard Non-Split Seal Type

    Manebar Seal Types

    Locally stocked for immediate supply all over Australia, New Zealand and the Pacific Islands.

    EN Seal, EL Seal, EK Seal, EJ Seal - Manebar Seal Types

    EN Seal, EL Seal, EK Seal & EJ Seal

    EN Type – partially split outboard seal. EL Type – partially split inboard seal. EJ Type – non-split inboard seal. EK Type – non-split outboard seal.

    Manebar Seal Types - Manebar graphic (computerised)
    Wartsila Manebar Seal E Series
    Wartsila Manebar Seal E Series