Tides Marine Spare Seal Carriers

Tides Marine Spare Seal Carriers were developed as a convenient device to store spare lip seals.

Tides Marine Seal Carriers

Installed at the same time as the SureSeal™, these carriers protect the spare lip seal mounted on the shaft and allow the vessel operator to replace a worn lip seal without uncoupling the shaft from the transmission or the expense of removing the boat from the water.

The Spare Seal Carrier is a light-weight, two-piece, non-metallic housing which is clamped to the propeller shaft between the SureSeal™ and the transmission coupling. They are available to suit all seal sizes.

Spare Seal Carriers for propeller shafts up to (and including) 1 3/4″ include one spare seal and housing. Carriers for propeller shaft 2″ to 3″ include two spare seals and housings. Carriers for 3 1/4″ propeller shafts and above have two spare seals in one housing.

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