Water Jet Seals

Wärtsilä Jetguard water jet seals are an environmentally friendly inboard sealing solution. These products are suitable for both blue-water and abrasive water conditions are suitable for smaller vessels such as patrol and coastal vessels.

The small range Jetguard seal has a long track record of outstanding performance in all water conditions. This seal type comprises hard wearing interfaces for abrasion resistance and can be adapted for shock capability.

Partially and fully split options are available to enable maintenance and seal replacement.

Wärtsilä Modular Waterjets

The Wärtsilä WXJ modular waterjets represent the state-of-the-art in this field, delivering outstanding benefits and performance and offering a high-level of customisation with a wide variety of options available depending on the vessel type.

Wärtsilä Jetguard water jet seals
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