Water Lubcricated Seals

Kemp Propulsion Systems supply exemplary water lubcricated seals. Wärtsilä is a global leader in complete lifecycle power solutions for the marine market and these seals are locally stocked for immediate supply all over Australia, New Zealand and the Pacific Islands.

Wärtsilä Water Lubcricated Seals

Wärtsilä provides superior quality products that offer true value for the whole life of the vessel.

Wärtsilä water lubricated seals prevent expensive emergency dockings and downtime, avoiding leakages and the associated costs. These water lubricated seals are fully compliant with environmental legislations, including the Vessel General Permit (VGP) so you can sail with confidence.

Wärtsilä is the Original Equipment Manufacturer for every major component included within our packages and products, which ensures the perfect harmony of our solutions.

Additionally, the Wärtsilä global stock and service engineer network means they can support you and your vessel anywhere in the world.

Wärtsilä PSE Enviroguard and Iceguard

The Wärtsilä PSE Enviroguard and Iceguard ranges have long been the standard for military and commercial applications, and for sensitive, harsh environments. The range offers environmentally friendly, low maintenance, high performance face type seals, which have an extensive fitted history spanning many years and numerous different vessel types. These seals can accommodate large and repeated axial and radial shaft movements, as well as vibrations.

Wartsila Iceguard Seal
Wartsila PSE Enviroguard and Iceguard

Wärtsilä Enviroguard PSE seal

Kemp Propulsion Systems proudly stocks the Wärtsilä Enviroguard PSE seal, engineered to withstand the challenges posed by aggressive waters laden with silt or sand. This seal has a proven history of exceptional performance in all water conditions, thanks to its robust interfaces that resist abrasion and endure even in the harshest environments. It can seamlessly accommodate significant shaft movements without compromising equipment performance.

Ideal for both new vessel construction and retrofitting on commercial vessels, the Wärtsilä Enviroguard PSE seal comes in various sizes, ranging from 70mm to 460mm. It offers the convenience of fully and partially split options, simplifying seal installation, maintenance, and replacement. In cases of emergencies or underwater maintenance, the seal includes an inflatable seal for added peace of mind.

With maintenance intervals of up to 5 years between planned overhauls, the Wärtsilä Enviroguard PSE seal provides a dependable and low-maintenance solution for maritime applications.

Field-Tested and Proven

The Wärtsilä Enviroguard PSE seal has undergone rigorous development to withstand the challenges of aggressive, silty, or sandy waters. After extensive real-world usage and thorough testing, it boasts a solid reputation for exceptional performance in demanding environments like coastal waters and rivers. Its minimal environmental impact makes it one of our most highly sought-after seals.

Crafted with durable interfaces for abrasion resistance, the Wärtsilä Enviroguard PSE seal is suitable for both new vessel construction and retrofitting across various vessel types. It offers the convenience of partially and fully split options, simplifying maintenance and seal replacement.


Effortless Reliability

For ships navigating coastal or challenging waters, a ‘fit and forget’ stern tube seal is essential, and the Wärtsilä Enviroguard PSE seal delivers just that.

With its robust design, high reliability, and extended service intervals, it’s a simple yet effective solution. This design minimises the costs associated with worn shafts, leaking gland plates, and related maintenance. Additionally, the high-resistance interface materials and measures to reduce galvanic corrosion significantly decrease maintenance expenses.

Water Lubricated Seals - Enviroguard PSE

Designed with performance in mind

The partially split design of the Wärtsilä Enviroguard PSE seal, along with its silicon carbide face and seat, makes it durable, robust and simple to install and replace when necessary. It can be replaced with “split” spares during an overhaul without removing the shaft or propeller. This allows for a simple but
very effective sealing arrangement that accommodates both radial and axial shaft movements, resulting in a solution that’s high performing with low maintenance.

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