What are Manecraft Seals?

Aug 9, 2023 | Products

Manecraft Seals: Innovative Marine Components for Efficient Performance

Manecraft seals, a key component of marine engineering, play a pivotal role in ensuring efficient and smooth vessel operations. These seals are designed to enhance the integrity of the propulsion system, preventing water intrusion and maintaining a secure environment for the shaft assembly.

The combination of precise engineering and durable materials makes Manecraft seals a crucial part of modern maritime technology. Kemp Propulsion Systems supply Manecraft Seals, and you can learn more by clicking here.

Components and Composition

Manecraft seals comprise two key parts: a stationary seat assembly and a rotating seal assembly. Crafted from robust chloroprene, they endure marine challenges, including water exposure and salt corrosion. The stationary seat has a bonded bronze ring secured by stainless clips, while the rotating seal, also clamped to the shaft, ensures a consistent seal as it rotates alongside the shaft.

In the stationary assembly, a red emergency clip enhances safety and prevents shaft rotation during emergencies. The rotating assembly’s seal maintains contact with the stationary seat, facilitated by water lubrication and cooling. The seals are easy to install, replace traditional shaft glands, and require minimal maintenance. They’re proven to operate over extended hours, making them a reliable choice for marine applications.

Advantages and Installation

One of the primary advantages of Manecraft seals is their ease of installation and maintenance. These seals serve as direct replacements for traditional propeller shaft packed glands, eliminating the need for packing adjustments and frequent maintenance. Unlike traditional packing glands that can wear grooves into the shaft over time, Manecraft seals offer a reliable sealing solution without causing damage to the shaft.

After proper installation, Manecraft seals require routine inspections similar to other underwater hull fittings. This straightforward maintenance approach allows vessel operators to ensure the continued integrity of the seals and the overall performance of the propulsion system.

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