Best Marine Seals on the Market in 2023

Mar 21, 2023 | Products

There are many excellent seals on the market, with the market leader arguably being Wärtsilä. Kemp Propulsion Systems are an authorised distributor for Wärtsilä. As expected, the highest quality is front of mind. This article will list some of the best Marine Seals on the market in 2023 and beyond. Kemp Propulsion Systems distribute and/or supply all of these seals too!

Manebar Seals

KPS provide quality Manebar Seals. Manebar E-series seals are designed for robust and reliable service in small to medium sized vessels such as trawlers, coasters, dredgers, tugs and offshore supply vessels. The seals can be supplied for either oil or water lubricated systems. According to Wärtsilä, the technologies behind all Wärtsilä oil lubricated sealing products are a result of many years of experience and development.

Bulkhead Seals

Much like the Manebar Seals, KPS provide Bulkhead Seals from Wärtsilä. The flagship Bulkhead seal is the The Wärtsilä Floodguard seal. It is a self activating bulkhead sealing solution for both commercial and military applications. The Floodguard seal has been designed to ensure that compartments traversed by the propulsion shaft are not compromised in the event of flooding, thus maintaining the vessel’s watertight integrity during static or dynamic operation to get the vessel to shore. 

Airguard Seals

Airguard Seals are an anti-pollution and environmentally compliant solution. The Airguard seal is especially designed for applications where extra security against the leakage of oil into the seawater is required. The seal is available for any shaft size between 450 and 1250 mm. Installation is easy, and the seal can be retrofitted to almost any stern tube. You can learn more about Wärtsilä’s Airguard Seal by clicking the link below.

Water Jet Seals

Wärtsilä Jetguard water jet seals are an environmentally friendly inboard sealing solution. These products are suitable for both blue-water and abrasive water conditions are suitable for smaller vessels such as patrol and coastal vessels.

Manecraft Seals

Kemp Propulsion Systems supply Manecraft Seals (previously John Crane Seals and Deep Sea Seals) by Wärtsilä, which are ideal for small vessels and Yacht seals with a 1” to 2 ¾” shaft. The Manecraft seal comprises two main components: the stationary seat assembly and the rotating seal assembly, both moulded from tough, oil resistant chloroprene. You can learn more about Wärtsilä’s Manecraft Seals by clicking the link below.

Water Lubcricated Seals

Wärtsilä water lubricated seals prevent expensive emergency dockings and downtime, avoiding leakages and the associated costs. These water lubricated seals are fully compliant with environmental legislations, including the Vessel General Permit (VGP) so you can sail with confidence. The signature water lubricated seals are the Wärtsilä PSE Enviroguard and Iceguard. Learn more by clicking the link below.

Other Seals

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